tiny mind MASSIVE soul



Available 10.31.2015 on vinyl from
long Play Records and White Rabbit Records

Side A
1. Crosswalk
2. Lation
3. Weird Guy
4. Neon Blood
5. Equality
6. Erase Myself

Side B
1. Applecore
2. Who You
3. tiny mind MASSIVE soul
4. We'll Be Seein' Ya Now

For fans of: The Beach Boys, Talking Heads, of Montreal, Frank Zappa, Chicago, Steely Dan

Independent Music News premieres single, "Erase Myself":
"the logic of the song builds like life itself — as you have new experiences your perspective can never quite be the same since moods and emotions layer over each other slowly. The track never feels like it’s breaking itself, but it moves forward without looking back. Isn’t that wild?"

I began writing tiny mind MASSIVE soul in 2012 during my final year studying music at the University of Iowa. This was right after St. Vincent and David Byrne put out Love This Giant and when I was still excited about having learned of composers like John Cage and Charles Ives. I started playing guitar at the same time I started playing Hot Cross Buns in school band. Since then I've spent a lot of time torn between the different approaches to pop music and academic music. This album is the first time I feel like I really brought both of those backgrounds together into something that represents a sound I've been dreaming about for years.

The final two tracks were written in the summer of 2014, inspired by a particularly cosmic tour. After a show in our hometown of Iowa City, the band and I went down to a boathouse on the Iowa river with our instruments and took turns playing improvised solos in the center of a circle. We all felt so in tune with each other and the universe that when we got back to the Suburban, the phrase "oh my tiny mind..." escaped me. I had never thought of it before and it seemed to form instantaneously with the production of its sound.

These two songs are the perfect culmination to an album that details my own journey towards a personal sense of spirituality and a new relationship with my identity. tiny mind MASSIVE soul is being released on vinyl by Iowa City labels Long Play Records and White Rabbit Records. It will be available to purchase through the Dana T Bandcamp page. 


Contact and Social:
@danatelsrow on twitter and instagram

Album notes and credits

Lead Vocal - Dana Telsrow
Back Up Vocals - Gemma Cohen (2, 3, 8), Nora Petran (2, 3, 9) 
Flute - Ryan Smith
Clarinet - Marjorie Shearer
Bassoon - Lauren DiGiorgio
Alto Saxophone - Ryan Smith
Tenor Saxophone - Jeff Miguel
Baritone Saxophone - Curt Oren
Trumpet - Peter Gillette (1, 2, 3, 5, 7) Brian Lewis Smith (4, 6, 8, 10) 
Trombone - Andrew Thoreen
Sousaphone - Dana Telsrow
Electric and Acoustic Guitar - Dana Telsrow
Lead Electric Guitar - Dan Padley (6, 7 ,8) 
Wurlitzer and Keyboards - Dana Telsrow
Accordion - Googolplexia
Electric Bass - Dana Telsrow, Blake Shaw (1) 
Drums - David Hurlin
Marimba - Christine Augspurger
Gong - Tatsuya Nakatani
Auxiliary Percussion - Dana Telsrow
Violin - Leah Ottman
Cello - Hilary James
Double Bass - Blake Shaw 

Recorded at Flat Black Studios in Iowa City by Luke Tweedy and Dana Telsrow. 
Mastered and lacquer cut by Carl Saff in Chicago. 

Additional recording at: 
Schmidt Artist Lofts, St. Paul, MN
Seashore Hall, University of Iowa, Iowa City, IA
The Blue House, Iowa City, IA
Pancake Productions Headquarters, St. Louis, MO
Public Space One, Iowa City, IA 

Photos by Anna Jones-Hughes