Dana T packs as much complexity and moony mysticism into these songs as he can, and there’s a musical depth that rewards repeated listenings. His music has an internal logic that can take a while to enter into, but it’s worth the effort. It’s not often you can find music that draws you in, even as it baffles you. – Little Village Magazine
The songs have complex arrangements and often feature shifts in tone and style with an array of instrumentations. However, in addition to the size of the production itself, Telsrow’s themes and lyrics get grandiose, too. – Pulse, WCF Courier
The compositional layers on his new album, tiny mind MASSIVE soul, fit snugly around his vocals and suggest an experimental alliance between nature, man and a particular potency Dana conjures through controlled out-of-control songs. In other words, Dana knows the rules and is unapologetic about breaking them in such an emotional and talented way. Little Village Magazine

Whatever you call it, Telsrow’s music is far from simplistic. Most of the time, there are at least six or seven instruments playing while Telsrow sings as if there is a marching band of instruments behind him in studio. Iowa City Press-Citizen

...the logic of the song builds like life itself — as you have new experiences your perspective can never quite be the same since moods and emotions layer over each other slowly. The track never feels like it’s breaking itself, but it moves forward without looking back. – "Erase Myself" single premiere, Independent Music News

Beautifully layered in production by Telsrow himself, the record is occasionally manic, often high-spirited and impressively dynamic, vaguely reminiscent of the energy of fun.’s early releases but without ever sounding derivative. It pulls from so many influences - fusion, pop, classic rock, jazz, psychedelia - that it never fails to be an engaging listen, and each of its tracks offers something new and unexpected. -Iowa City Music Scene Profile, Rare Candy

Being only four tracks long, it’s impressive to consider all the ground Dana T covered in such a short amount of time. abbr. relation is a great sampling of Dana T’s brand of psychedelic jazz fusion. This erratic yet absorbing trip will grace willing ears with its artful approach to music-making. Alyssa Lee, Midwest Action!
“abbr. relation is a four song concept EP with undeniable ambition; I can’t think of many people in Iowa City who write songs with elaborate horn arrangements and angular jazzy interludes, while also incorporating banjo and a full complement of orchestral percussion. ” Kent Williams, Little Village Magazine
Dana T combines the sounds of  jazz and upbeat pop to create a listening experience unlike any other. “Farmer’s Market” is for those who are interested in different styles of pop, love jazzy saxophone, and are looking for something different and fun.
– Skylar Matthias, KRUI Radio