Hello. It's me, Dana T.

Here's what ya wanna know:

My birthday is October 13, 1990. I started playing music when I was 12 and got a degree in music from the University of Iowa in 2013. I've been traveling the USA since 2012 performing my own music, telling my own stories, and making my own jokes with Curt Oren by my side. My debut record, tiny mind MASSIVE soul, came out in early 2016. It's got a lot of instruments on it and my friend said that the worst part about it is not enough people have heard it. I like it pretty good but I'm tryin to make the next one better. Check out the press page for other people's thoughts on my music.

I've been working on projects at Flat Black Studios in Iowa City since 2012ish, and started working there as an assistant engineer in 2015. A lot of Iowa and the region's best musicians come through that place and I'm proud to be a part if it. When it comes to making records, I do just about anything you want. Engineer, produce, arrange, play guitar or bass, edit, mix and the beat goes on. Check out the discography section for a more in-depth look.

In addition to my personal and studio work, I've had the pleasure of backing Dagmar, Karen Meat, Brooks Strause, Anthony Worden, Elizabeth Moen, Sires, and Extravision live on stage throughout the midwest and beyond. 

A Dana T live band typically includes some combination of the following musicians:

Curt Oren - Bari and Alto Sax, Flute
Ryan Smith - Alto Sax, Flute
Dan DiMonte - Trumpet
Dan Padley - Guitar
Blake Shaw - Bass
David Hurlin - Drums
Justin LeDuc - Drums
Me - Guitar, Vocals